More Than a Diet Manual!

The Pediatric Nutrition Care Manual (PNCM) is an Internet-based diet and professional practice manual for registered dietitian nutritionists; nutrition and dietetics technicians, registered; and allied health professionals working with the pediatric population. The PNCM is authored by the Pediatric Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group (DPG) of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. The PNCM is purchased by annual subscription and gives you online access to evidence- and knowledge-based nutrition information that keeps you current and compliant. View the 2017 PNCM Update Summary and the PNCM Table of Contents


  • Online diet manual and professional practice manual that can easily link to any intranet system.
  • Consistent with the Academy’s Evidence Analysis Library (EAL), position papers, and the Nutrition Care Process.
  • Research- and evidence-based nutrition care information for more than 40 diseases, conditions, and topics.
  • Customizable client education: add your company logo, give notes/instructions for patients, and modify menus prior to printing. 
  • 12 electronic calculators that use evidence-based formulas to ensure the most accurate results.
  • An extensive formulary database that is updated semiannually and easily customizable to any facility.
  • References with links to abstracts and full-text articles (when available).
  • A diverse Resources section, including information on growth charts, common drug-nutrient interactions, cultural food practices, the Nutrition Care Process, physical signs of malnutrition, and links to Dietary Reference Intakes.
  • Unique customization features, such as highlighting and quick links.

Order the Pediatric Nutrition Care Manual online, or, for more information, call 800/877-1600 x5000 or email