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2022 Nutrition Care Manual® Update Summary


We are pleased to announce the Nutrition Care Manual® (NCM®) nutrition care sections and corresponding client education handouts will now be updated on a rolling basis instead of annually. The reason behind this approach is to provide the most up to date and evidence-based nutrition information as soon as it is finalized, which positively benefits you and your patients and clients.

We will keep you informed of updated nutrition care sections and corresponding client education handouts and you can also access this year-to-date summary anytime. Moving forward, we will include the update year on nutrition care sections and client education handouts.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The NCM® Diet Manual will continue to be updated on an annual basis. That way, you can continue the recommended process for annual diet manual review and implementation at your facility.

We hope you enjoy these NCM® Updates! 


The NCM® Team 

August 26, 2022

NCM® Condition Section Clinical Updates

Review new and updated clinical content featuring comprehensive nutritional management and evidence-based practice recommendations with our consolidated format for the following:


  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis (Updated)
  • Pancreatitis (Updated)

NCM® Normal Nutrition Clinical Updates

Normal Nutrition

  • Transgender Nutrition (New)

New and Improved NCM® Client Education Handouts

Don’t miss the expanded and updated NCM® client education handouts:



  • Plate Method for Diabetes (New)

Food Safety

  • Food Safety Nutrition Therapy (Updated)


  • Lactose-Controlled Nutrition Therapy (Updated)
  • Pancreatitis Nutrition Therapy (Updated)
  • Pancreatitis Label Reading Tips (Updated)

Normal Nutrition

  • General, Healthful Nutrition Therapy (Updated)
  • General, Healthful Mediterranean Nutrition Therapy (Updated)
  • General, Healthful Vegetarian Nutrition Therapy (Updated)

Nutrient Lists

  • High-Protein Foods List (Updated)
  • High-Vitamin D Foods List (Updated previously Vitamin D Foods List)
  • Sodium (Salt) Content of Foods (Updated)

Older Adult

  • Finger Foods Nutrition Therapy (Updated)
  • Home Food Safety for Seniors (Updated)

Weight Management

  • 1,800-Calorie 5-Day Menus (Updated)
  • 1,800-Calorie Sample Meal Plan (Updated)

Additional Client Education Handout Information

  • Spanish translations will soon be available for the client education handouts included in this update.
  • The redesigned PDF format will soon be available for the client education handouts included in this update.
  • All NCM® client education handouts reflect inclusive language.
  • Access the list of available translations here.

NCM® Resources Updates

In collaboration with the International Affiliate of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (IAAND), we are pleased to provide Quick Guides for Assessing Food/Nutrition & Culture for the following countries:  Ecuador, India, Philippines, and Saudi Arabia.  The Quick Guides provide an overview and information related to macronutrient intake, micronutrient intake, complementary/alternative medicine, unique meal practices, bioactive substance intake, and snack preferences.


Retired NCM® Content 

Client Education Handouts

Nutrient Lists

  • High-Potassium Foods List (View Potassium Content of Foods)
  • Lower-Sodium (Salt) Foods List (View Sodium Content of Foods)
  • Low-Potassium Foods List (View Potassium Content of Foods)
  • Protein Content of Foods (View High-Protein Foods List)
  • Vitamin D Foods List (View High-Vitamin D Foods List)